What We Do

Becoming a Member

To become a member of REACH you must be 16 years of age or older, be living in North or South Lanarkshire and have caring responsibilities of a person diagnosed or referred for assessment of autism. Individuals living in Lanarkshire with a diagnosis can also become members but may have certain restrictions about accessing some services depending on age.

REACH is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation which means as a member you must 1) Act in the interests of the charity and 2) Seek in good faith to ensure that REACH act in a manner which is consistent with its charitable purposes. You will be asked to attend an AGM each year and can help make some important decisions about the charity. These decisions must be made carefully and with the best interests of REACH in mind.

Being a member of REACH has a number of benefits. You will have access to the following services when they become available: family support, training, therapy and social groups.

To become a member you can download a membership form here and email it to info@reachautism.org.uk

Membership costs £20 per year.

REACH will keep a password protected register of members and in association with our data protection policy and legal requirements.

Family Support

We can provide online support to the family following diagnosis. This can entail emotional support and support to understand your child’s ASC and help to develop and implement strategies.

REACH has an extensive support network which includes a Family Support Worker and also a wealth of information and support from other parents. Our family support worker can advise on a range of problems, for example:

  1. Issues relating to Education, Health, Social Work and other outside agencies
  2. Challenging behaviours (such as aggression, self-harm, tantrums, non-compliance)
  3. Emotional problems (such as anxiety, depression, phobias and anger)
  4. Language and communication concerns that cause behaviour problems or affect emotional well-being
  5. Sensory processing needs
  6. Difficulties with sleep, toilet and eating issues

Whether it be in supporting you with Health Professionals, Education, Social Work, or just having a chat, we are here to support each other.



“It is great to see how much progress my child has made since we joined REACH. He enjoys the activities he attends and he has met new friends. It’s great to meet other parents who understand what life is like when living with Autism. Thank you REACH!”